LITERATURE: BASS 2005 – Magical Realism

I have just about finished the stories–only the last two to read–but have been absolutely uplifted by one in particular:  Tim Pratt’s Hart and Boot.  Totally caught up in it, I loved the characters, totally fell into the state of suspended belief, thrilled to the action, admired the planning, and when I got to the end, actually felt my mouth curve into a smile at the brilliance of the ending. 

Will dissect this and the others soon.  Overall, I’ve been immensely pleased with this collection and surprised that almost all of them are very good, and a few, such as Hart and Boot are just outstanding.  Very interesting as well to note that Hart and Boot is a fictional account of a couple of real-life characters around which legends swirled enough to fire Pratt’s imagination to bring the pair to life in a magical way.

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