LITERATURE: Love in the Time of Cholera – Narrator Input

How odd, or maybe it is just that I’m still in editing mode, or perhaps Gabriel Garcia Marquez meant this for a purpose:

Florentino Ariza had often seen Lorenzo Daza gambling and drinking cask wines there with the Asturians from the public market, while they shouted and argued about other long-standing wars that had nothing to do with our own.  (p. 80)

I might have missed it in prior reading, but since the story is written in third person pov, this reference to "our own" struck me and stopped me cold.  Not a mistake, I’m sure; Marquez is too good for that and the translators would not have faltered on such.  I mean,it could be, but I doubt it. 

What then; Marquez’s intimate knowledge of what he writes about, especially in time and place, may have slipped in here.  It startles because it stops the flow; it is a place to ponder:  War.

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