TECHNOLOGY: The Bad Side of Mac

It’s been just about exactly six months since I got my MacBook and though there’s plenty to love, there are things that I dislike a whole lot too.

The worst, I suppose, is that scary screen thing where it turned into an interactive patchwork of things wherever I clicked.  This has happened twice already and I suspect the screen is going to be the problem.

It freezes when it gets hot.  I’m guessing that’s the problem anyway, though I really don’t know and it happens more often than Win 95.

I hate what it does with photo images.  I never can find them when I go to include one in a post and this is immediately after I’ve saved and named it in Photoshop.  The Images file doesn’t seem to recognize the events I’ve named, and it’s covered with blank black boxes that I can’t get rid of.  Or a circle with a question mark.  I’ve no idea what these are.  It also for some reason makes duplicates in different sizes though I’ve not requested them.

The worst–and maybe the best thing I’ve done–is the $400+ insurance policy that claims to be 3 years but in truth seems to include the first year that’s already covered, so you’re really paying that for 2 years of additional coverage.

Maybe I’m comparing apples and oranges; the Latitude is a heavy duty machine and probably its counterpart would be the MacBook Pro rather than my little MacBook (non-Pro).

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