BLOGGING: A Neat WordPress Thing

Typepad recently upgraded and changed their post entry form and between that, merging a writing class weblog into Spinning, and my own dopeyness, a few of the posts here are listed as uncategorized. Real easy to make the change with WordPress. While in the Dashboard, pulling up the category file of “uncategorized” brings us to a listing on the actual site and it is relatively easy to make a change and repost. Though TP had features to do this, it seemed a bit more complicated and so I left things as they were.

Getting used to WP and basically I’m happy with the switch though there are still loads of tweaks and maneuverings to handle. It’s only been about ten days of intensive, dedicated involvement in the changeover but that was mainly because I had to figure out a lot of this stuff by myself or spend hours and days seeking answers. If you haven’t worked on the “inside” of a site for a while, and you don’t know more than what you’ve ever done, it all takes time. Hopefully I’ve learned a lot of new things along with relearning the old and will keep up the knowledge as I move along.

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