BLOGGING: A Possible Redirect

Couldn’t redirect traffic from Typepad to WordPress for the weblogs so while I deleted the old Hypercompendia blog, I’ve been reluctant to delete the old Spinning. Without an easy method (one I can do myself) of fiddling with the Typepad templates to somehow aid in redirecting, I came up with a workaround that will help with external links at least–although not with specific post or category linking. Nor will it redirect searches, but all that means is that I drop way down in ranking and that means nothing to me. Students may have one less place to look for literary paper ideas. Here’s what it looks like:

What I did was rename the old Spinning weblog, create a ‘new’ Spinning weblog, and place only a single entry that will act as a redirect page, though you have to click the link. It’s better than nothing, and all old external links will end up at this page so that helps a bit–at least until my Typepad account expires.

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