BLOGGING: And Communicating

Learning a lot about the various methods of internet communication; learning a lot about the people who use them.

“Georgia” is a warmer, more welcoming font than “Lucida Grande” so I’ve made that change at both weblogs.

I find that the access to great circles of people without the intimacy or bonding appeals to a certain personality type. Political persuasion appears to be a psychological influence on communication style and choice. With the wide variety of services such as blogging, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Diigo, Netvibes, Yahoo, just to name a few, there’s something for everyone. There’s a phenomenon of befriending by quantity, rather than quality, but that’s a trait that’s always been around in man’s nature. It just seems odd to me that anyone would care about having 7,000 followers or making any kind of reasonable attempt at following them.

But the world is large, and there is room for all of us in it.

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