LITERATURE: Neuromancer – Facing Facts

There’s no reason why I should force myself to read something just because it’s listed as one of the 100 books of all time and a must read. But there’s a reason why these books are listed as such, even if time has produced books far beyond it’s groundbreaking qualities.

That said, I believe I’ve so immersed myself in website changing (two weblogs and a home page) because I’m really not into Neuromancer. It indeed is a book that took the new technology of computers into a vision of a new world, and it is well written, of course, by the excellent William Gibson. While I haven’t read sci fi in a while, it was one of my favorite genres for a long time and I thought that it would be a welcoming reacquaintance. Somehow this world, which I imagine as rendered in ‘brown and white’ is just not something I’m open to right now and I think it may be best to put it aside for something more in line with my mood rather than do it injustice in my reading.

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