CODE: From the ‘One Thing Leads to Another’ Department

Yes, the banner needs to be redone. Obviously what I’ve done here is expand the style from an 800 pixel width to suit the more common 1280 pixel screen setup. What started it was the decision to go back and tag at least all the Literature posts (there are 1500 of them) since there was never a good way to redirect from the old Typepad weblogs over to WordPress. Google still directs to the old weblogs regardless of the fact that they do not exist–there’s a cache of some sort. So tagging the posts was one way of leading folks to the right entries. Might I say at this point that the search box here doesn’t really work all that well either, so that didn’t help much.

Well the tag cloud expanded and grew (still nowheres near done, only backward through 2006) and looked kind of squished in the 200 px column and that, along with my innate hatred of waste made it clear that it was time to expand.

So have patience, a new banner will be done soon. Hypercompendia’s looks worse; at least Spinning’s isn’t as obviously chopped in half.

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