CURRENT AFFAIRS: Modern Means of Torture

The more I read the more I believe there should be further investigation of the tactics used in torturing prisoners and establishing legality. I’m not necessarily looking for blame purposes, but for the future. As Americans being represented by the military and justice departments of the United States we have to know a) how far we’re willing to go to secure our country and if we agree to that, and b) if despite established standards, there are ways to get around them without fear of penalty.

Morally, we’re likely ALL opposed to the idea of using torture, whether physical, emotional or mental and the defining point at which we may accept the concept is based upon the purpose and the value we place on what is gained, i.e., knowledge to prevent a catastrophic attack. Obviously, for a country that is willing to go to war which necessitates arming men and women with guns and ordering them to shoot and kill the enemy, it’s pretty hard to say that dead’s okay but hurting isn’t. And to be completely honest, soldiers don’t drop down dead when shot like they do in the movies, they hurt a whole lot first, and maybe for hours, days before they die.

Morally, we also kill people strapped into a bed or chair in a nice clean room with a dozen people watching–capital punishment. Now why is that okay to do? And why do we find nice ways of doing it that supposedly don’t hurt and bring a quick death and consider ourselves humane? Frankly, I’d think most of the convicted would likely opt for a public flogging than a nice meal and a needle.

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