STORIES: Shoebox

Honestly, my best stories come from a single opening line and today’s just flowed neatly from this:

When I was ten, my father handed me a shoebox and told me that in it was a piece of the sky.

Just wish I had more time to keep at the editing; I’m still in the afterglow phase of completing the narrative and believing it’s really all finished, knowing that if I’m going to submit anything this season I need to do it like in the next two days.

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4 Responses to STORIES: Shoebox

  1. Anne says:

    When i was a child, i kept my whole life in an old cigar box. Isn’t it wonderful that children then weren’t limited by impossibles or dependent upon technology.

  2. susan says:

    And I kept a can of black olives under my bed. Really. Food was always my focus.

    You and I would have been great playmates. I’d’ve let you share my teepee and you’d have made much better arrows than I did from sticks.

  3. What a great opener, Susan? I love that kind of opener cause it seriously gels ones curiosity right from the get go. I know it will lead to something unexpected and truly original. Go for it.

  4. susan says:

    Thanks Roberta, I was working on it all day yesterday and am hoping it still looks good in the morning light.

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