BLOGGING: Server Issues and Commenting

Because Lunar has threatened to kick me off for over-utilizing resources I’m doing everything I can to adhere to their instructions, though I can’t understand how these two weblogs are hogging resources (I suspect rather that the server is under-resourced). Since the problem according to them seems to be in my main index.php script, all I can do is whatever they suggest which has been updating WordPress, Askimet, knocking out plug-ins while adding two at their suggestion for cache and commenting captcha to keep out the bots. It’s this latest that I sincerely apologize for instituting but I’ve picked a 5-starred simple one.  You have to add two numbers together and type in the answer.  Sort of strange because even a 50 year-old adding machine can do this, but hey, hopefully, so can you.I just hate that it kills the spontaneity of commenting, and while I have only two dedicated commenters here that I appreciate tremendously, it will indeed discourage anyone else who thought they might one day give it a go. The only other thing I can do is eliminate the “click here to enlarge map” which is a great feature for this 100 Day Project (on Hypercompendia), but which may have to go as well. Again, I apologize and while I’ve just renewed with Lunar this month, I may be demanding my annual fee back and go shopping for a more qualified, heartier server.

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3 Responses to BLOGGING: Server Issues and Commenting

  1. I find this addition thing quite funny. I’m sure glad it wasn’t a physics or science question.

    Checking it out to see if it works for future discussions at your place. A little bit of simple math is okay — keeps the wheels turning.

    Have a great day, Susan.

  2. Dean says:

    I’ve found that one way to cut down on the spambots is to use the plugin that automatically closes comments after a certain period of time. Actually, newer versions of WP allow that, too, I think. Anyway, when I implemented that my traffic dropped waaaaaaaay down.

  3. susan says:

    Glad folks are willing to deal with the addition captcha–I myself keep forgetting to do it when it fills the other fields out automatically.

    Yeah, I have the plugins, and close commenting after two weeks, (I think). That’s why I even changed the theme and cut way back on how many posts show up on the opening page. But when I check my stats on the server, googlebot and a few others are the biggest draw–though they don’t show up on statcounter stats.

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