REALITY?: Job Discrimination–but it’s okay.

It’s no big surprise that older workers who have been laid off are having a much harder time finding a job than younger workers. It’s always been that way, and with the current unemployment near 10%, it’s only gotten worse.

And yes, there are things to do with your resume that can creatively overlook some of your years and experience to focus on more youth-oriented skills. For example, play down the years of experience and play up the “willing to face new challenges” bit.

But I didn’t bother posting again about this situation merely for fun or reinforcement; what got my blood simmering this morning is a quote from today’s MSNBC’s article on “Laid-off Workers Face Biases in Job Search.”

“Unfortunately, we can’t change society’s stereotypes, but individuals can separate themselves by noting how they don’t match the stereotype,” said Bendick.

“Unfortunately, we can’t change society’s stereotypes…”

Well society sure did something for gender and for race and religion. Oh yeah, and for sexual preferences and physical impairment.  But for age? Nah, why bother.

In other words, while society flocks around their darlings of the moment, whatever’s trendy, old people still aren’t cute or needy enough to garner any liberal interest.

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  1. susan says:

    Yet they just don’t see it. Bias and discrimination is blind in more ways than one.

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