BLOGGING: New Spam That Am

Aside from the obvious flaws in grammar and typos, what blogger would not want to believe these words of a comment are coming from the heart of a legitimate source:

This is a good post, which features worthwhile information. If you invest your time in reading this, article it really worth it. This article starts in a perfect way. The author has full grip on the topic through out the article. I like the way in which writer has ended his article. It is not a regular useless post in which even writer is not sure that what exactly he wants to say.

It’s the new spam. It comes in the form of flattery and it’s been around a while but not usually to such a degree of attempted eloquence and well, bullshit. And, it’s from semi-legitimate sites rather than the drug companies and game and porno lords.

But, it’s still spam. Ah, if  t’would only be written by genuine readers and friends, enamored truly of our output of words!

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