WRITING & HYPERTEXT: Getting in Deep

It’s Day #87 of the 100 Days Project. Day #16 of 24/7. And, Week #16 I believe of the 52/250 Challenge. So I’ve been writing my fanny off this summer.

Meanwhile, I’m putting together an essay on Magical Realism using some stories by fellow Fictionaut writers. It’s been one of my favorite genres to read and with all the writing of flash fiction the past couple of months, I’ve dipped my own pen into the inkwell to practice this whole new world of story.

A few of the stories out of this effort have been selected for publication, and one just came out today at the Blue Print Review, Issue #25. My story is called “Descriptions” and it was one of my favorites that Dorothy Lang happened to read and snap up. I’m excited that one of the Pittsburgh images is up on the Author’s Notes page, and another will be included with one of the other stories by many talented writers in this issue.

Also focusing on going back over my years of postings and presentations on hypertext in Storyspace and Tinderbox to help clarify a writer’s position on using this fabulous form.

It’s been a busy, productive summer this year and it’ll likely be a busier fall.

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2 Responses to WRITING & HYPERTEXT: Getting in Deep

  1. Linda says:

    Susan, loved DESCRIPTIONS, lovely, lyrical, yearning piece. COngrats on writing your fanny off, I’ve also been enjoying the heck out of 52/250 (and happy to have Dorothee snag one of mine, too). Just wanted you to know I am such a fan of your stories. Peace…

  2. susan says:

    Hi Linda–such a nice surprise to see you here! Thank you for your kind words. I’m really looking forward to reading your piece at BPR–Dorothee does such a wonderful job over there. Meanwhile, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your work up at Fictionaut and around the web. Guess the 52/250 will keep us both writing for a while!

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