WRITING: Social Networking Gaffes

Nothing irks me more than . . . people who spout off about what irks them in the incorrect  grammar of others.

It really bothers me when people use “I” instead of “me.”

It drives me to distraction when people use “it’s” instead of “its” and vice versa.

Why can’t people learn the proper use of “who” and “whom?”

It’s not that hard to determine the correct meaning and tense of “lie” versus “lay” people!

I’m really offended by the incorrect use of . . .

I hate to be nitpicky, but . . .

This is what social networking does. Gives us a way to vent about personal little annoyances that seem to plague the rest of the world while we ourselves are perfect. I’ll bet you won’t find a person who uses all the grammatically wrong terms, nor one who doesn’t present at least one flaw in his or her own grammar.

Face-to-face, pointing out a grammatical error used to be considered rude unless it’s in English class, editing, or when correcting a child or an ESL student just learning the language.

Do you honestly think you have the right to change (even if it’s improving) everyone else so as not to offend you? Repeat offender? Unfollow them on twitter, defriend them on Facebook. Surely that will keep you above the rabble.

Not everyone speaks as “good” as you; deal with it.

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