WRITING: The 2011 100 Days Project

Well, another year down and another 100 stories written–though they’re only a portion of the 365 I’m committed to write this year.

The summer 100 Days Projects started in 2008 with Carianne Mack painting daily and a poem inspired by it by Steve Ersinghaus. This collaboration resulted in a beautiful book of the complete works. I started the 100 Days Project in 2009, writing a hypertext story every day for 100 days in conjunction with about a dozen others who dedicated their days to art, poems, stories, films, audio, etc. In the summer of 2010, I participated with 100 flash fiction pieces and a matching image which served to practice my Photoshopping and Photography skills.

There were about sixty participants starting out this year, with a good forty-plus finishing. Some of the most fantastic artwork, poetry, photography was produced by some extremely talented artists and writers. What was neat for me this year was that a few of my friends from Fictionaut were coerced into joining up and so there was a better sense of camaraderie and support. While we can say we create for ourselves, we really do appreciate an audience for our efforts and there were a precious few folk (bless ’em!) who read or viewed almost all the work of their fellow artists and were encouraging by their comments and retweets or Facebook notices. Believe me, that was most appreciated.

But I’m not nearly done; I’ve got an end date of December 31st, 2011. While I may have written 240 stories this year, I’ve still got 125 to go. Then editing, reworking, and sorting into some semblance of order for either individual or an anthology submission

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7 Responses to WRITING: The 2011 100 Days Project

  1. Marcus Speh says:

    you did great, susan. and i’m almost finished but taking it slowly, hoping to still count as one who finished…even if not on time. i’m also juggling my collected shorts of the past 3 years just now for an anthology of 50k words. fun stuff & i’m sending it to a publisher who has asked to see it…so perhaps not all is gloom & doom & hurricanes…

  2. susan says:

    You’ll be considered as a finisher, honest. Didn’t you see how folks are scurrying to catch up? Life throws a curve and we stray, but come back to the trail eventually. I’m so glad about your anthology! That’s so fantastic that it’s been requested! Good luck–fingers and toesies crossed for you!

  3. Marcus Speh says:

    thank you. i will draw my own badge “finisher” now…will catch up on yours too eventually, but you just keep producing them dont you…

  4. susan says:

    You too, good sir, you too. You may have been responsible for my own commitment to a daily piece this whole year, for which I both thank and curse you. I’m so glad you partook of this project and see, now you have an anthology on your hands!

  5. Marcus Speh says:

    eh…the anthology consists of all short pieces i’ve ever written and consider finished (otherwise, with my usual length, i don’t get to 50k) — also i don’t believe they’re going to take it, but someone may at some point. i kind of want to close the door on flash fiction now. i also started 1 january 2011 btw and kept it up, pretty much, but most of what i wrote is very sub-standard, way below your fine daily pieces.

  6. susan says:

    Sub-standard? I don’t think so. It’s just that you have a better editor than I and are more meticulous about what you want to put out there. I’m planning on doing the same with flash, after about 420 down in the past 2 years and 120 more to finish out this year, I’ll focus on editing them, putting together an anthology (or a few) and submitting it. I’m done with submitting individual flash pieces after this year as well, I think. I may focus next on hypertext and learn some new media stuff, or work on a novel in traditional or new media form. Looks like it’s going to be a super year ahead for both of us!

  7. Marcus Speh says:

    i will fee on your optimism should i ever be short of it (not usually the case but i’m a tad depleted after my recent illness). cheerio to that super year ahead!

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