NEW MEDIA: Conflicting Time & Space

Time does not always move in a gentle flow towards future, but often rides a bumpy road of perceived expectations.  And time, the space in which it lives and rolls ahead contains a myriad of possibilities that may (or may not) happen simultaneously…or not.  The present is a whirlwind of nows that happen in machine gun rapid firing (and as bullets, are lost within a target aimed in hit and miss); the past is changed by memory and desire.  But the future in particular is only up for guessing, and the time within its opportunity is changed the most by our perception of its values in our minds. 

The best example I can give of this phenomenon, I suppose, is one that caused the thoughts to circulate at all:  There are only four more weeks of Statistics classes!  There are only four more weeks of New Media

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2 Responses to NEW MEDIA: Conflicting Time & Space

  1. Neha says:

    Im’ll be good to see you smiling again.

  2. susan says:

    Oh Neha, you’re gonna hate this, but I was trying to incorporate typepad’s new color font ability into a visual graphic purpose to indicate that the bold red meant I was happy, and the wimpy blue meant I was sad. Guess they need better word art capability!

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