REALITY: Making Time

If I could, I would.  Create time rather than maneuver within it or manipulate it as much as I can within its given space.

I have been up since 3 a.m., and am bouncing between whittling down my laptop purchase selection, cutting up bell curves in statistics, and working on a few more entries based upon video gaming. 

This last item is something I want to finish up today while the memory is fresh, but in attempting to put into a short essay a few thoughts about narrative structure, I’m running into all the terminology I need to adequately and accurately assess "Silent Hill" both in itself and as a representative form of story.  It’s akin to composing a class paper in that it is not based on opinion, but should be based on knowledge of the subject and insight that has been gradually learned through study.  I need to be more careful here.

Other than that, I’m bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, watching the black day turn grey to reveal shapes of the outside world I trusted would still be out there and not stolen or vanished mysteriously away while I slept.

Ah, good.  The horizon is just where I left it last night.

New Media Moment:  Obviously the last line is influenced by video gameplay and the manipulation of elements not granted the same flexibility in the real world!

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