Lotsa stuff to talk about; like finishing Scott McCloud’s "Understanding Comics," which honest, like everything else in this course it seems to cover all forms of narrative and creativity, as well as life itself; watched "Pulp Fiction" finally all the way through; saw bits and pieces of "Apocalypse Now" which I saw when it first came out years ago, and recently bought the video (50 cents at the library sale) but never got to sit and watch, but it was on last night while I was doing stats classwork; ideas chasing each other in my brain about an a/v animation piece I’d like to start structuring (that’s what happens when you get all the elements involved–they chase each other to settle in somewhere rather than just being concerned with words coming out and onto a monitor); and a new flirtation with video games like "Syberia" which was shown in class this morning.

But for now, I have to take some time really seriously deciding between laptops.  The sooner I get one, the sooner I’ll go off the deep end into colors, shapes, texts that speak, and maybe, creating moving forms as well…

Obviously, out of the depths of hell I’m up and flying high with no more damage than singed wings.

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