REALITY: Turkeys

Hope that most of you have eaten your way through a Thanksgiving turkey, and are planning on roast beef for Christmas dinner.  Because I’m going to tell you a sad little tale that’s almost akin to the Great Veal Revelation.

I’ve been to a turkey farm here in town several years ago.  I was actually seeking wing feathers to split for arrow fletching, since for some reason there was a shortage of ready-mades.  Now I know why.  Thanksgiving turkeys are not the pretty wild things we have running around our yard.  They are white (with the brown tinge of dust), have no glorious wing feathers worth plucking for fletching, and just about drag the stubs of their wings about in the dirt trailing toilet paper (something like peacocks in Texas). 

I’m sure that’s not the reason why there’s both white and dark meat on turkey.

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