REALITY & WRITING: Transitioning

I think I need to get back in touch with the darker side of me…

You know, the one that laughs at pratfalls and people walking into poles.  Okay, a little deeper then, the one who plays with minds as toys.  Remembering how to move with words and the flash effect of eyes on souls, and yes, the inner conflicts that instead of worrying, can be enjoyed.  Used to shade reality, to block the sun from shining and revealing the fool’s gold to the fool.  Innocent, it is, and pure; as whitest white or more precisely, blackest black can only be.

Just a mood and movement while the tools were used for carving out a fairy tale, but that’s for amateurs and sniffling happy endings.

Edgar raps within his crypt, or is that just applause?

Fade to black…

(Note:  Yes, I’m going weird again.  Don’t worry though–it’ll be fun!)

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