ooh! ooh! ooh! I’m so excited!  I’ve so very much to tell you but I’m very tired as well, but tomorrow morning I’ll reveal how I have finally entered the world of video gaming and though I made a danged fool of myself in front of our writers group, I don’t even care!  I haven’t had so much fun–laughed at myself so hard, enjoyed something so thoroughly in a long time.  It was well overdue.

Also want to seriously write up a post about "Understanding Comics," by Scott McCloud that I’ve mentioned here before because it really had a an effect on me in viewing all forms of narrative.  It was so pure and simple and concise yet covered depths of all elements of writing, presenting, and what makes something work and why, that it’s become an important part of my education in literature.

Back in the early morning hours. 

Good night, she said, smiling.

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  1. ntexas99 says:

    I’m headed out of town for a week, but couldn’t help stopping by for a quick peek before I go over the river and through the dale … I was so tickled to see the “she says, smiling”.

    woo-hoo (game ON)

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