TECHNOLOGY: What Shall I Wear?

By some miracle it is already November 30th, the early morning of the day my life is brightened by the demanding freedom of a brand new laptop computer.  It is my first–laptop, that is–and I am wide awake and hopping like a child on Christmas Eve.  I wanna, wanna, wanna go to sleep and then wake up and find it neath a shining tree supplanted in our living room and wrapped in silvery green paper with red ribbons.  Most likely though, it will be delivered a bit later in the day, so there’s no purpose to the sleeping to bring it here much quicker.  Dave the UPS man will come rounding down the corner and I’ll hear his truck a quarter mile away.  "What’d you do now, Susan?" he will ask, and I will tell him that it will be easier now for him to check his stocks while I write out some checks for packages he’ll deliver several times a week.  The packages will have the frames to put together for the payment of my purchase, but it will be hard to drag myself away to do them.

I must do the laundry now, and stats projects and if I weren’t afraid of bears I’d take a flashlight out into the night and to my barn and do the necessary framing for tomorrow because we know it will screech to a halt as soon as Dave comes by.  I need to make good on a promise, too, to help my neighbor with her Christmas letter since in five years she still can’t open Word for Windows by herself. 

Oh my, oh dear, oh gee; I wonder if my Latitude 800 is in the warehouse out in Waterbury sixteen miles away. 

And, since it is a stranger who will become a part of me for maybe three years, maybe more, I wonder, for the meeting, shall I wear the blue sweater or the devilish red?

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3 Responses to TECHNOLOGY: What Shall I Wear?

  1. Cindy says:

    ooh, a new laptop, good for you!
    Have fun with it!

  2. Neha says:

    The threadbare grey one.

  3. susan says:

    Oh Lord, Neha, you made my day! Actually, I have a red sweater with the alligator emblem from my dad. Do you think that’s too risk√©?

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