EDUCATION: Semesters Past and Passing

Yesterday was a good day, a fine day; a day that should be an example to the rest and be followed.

Between classes I ran into my Spanish professor who, with his lovely wife, was setting up a feast in the cafeteria for the students.  I’d never met Clarissa, but knew instantly who she was because I’d seen her in so many “home movies” that the Professor had prepared and shown throughout the semesters.  Clarissa is from the Dominican Republic, a native speaker of Spanish, and he had enlisted both her assistance and that of other members of his family and friends to exemplify the language in a fun, interesting and personal manner.  All I can say is that prior to meeting her, I already knew that she was a patient, giving, and fun lady and her willingness to serve as a “teaching aid” was absolutely admirable.  But then, her husband is one of the most giving, caring, upbeat people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

In Stats, I was happy to see that my extra credit work will indeed help modify that horrible 51 on one of the tests, and a sample exam does relieve some of the stress of Monday’s final.

In New Media, while I gained inspiration towards my idea for my final project paper, at the same time, I became painfully aware that so much has already been in the works in technology that much more research must be done as a basis for the concept of the essay.  Building the structure is easy; laying the foundation is where the concentrated effort and time must be spent.

And so my weekend is predetermined, with the inclusion, of course, of an early Christmas celebration so that I can see all the family together at once.  And, get my tree back from my sister who borrowed an artificial 7-footer to find that she had two tops—one of which is a four-foot, rush-throw-something-up-emergency Christmas tree that I may need to use this season.

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