What a wondrous combination!  Suttree and Silent Hill 2, feeding each other’s reader’s fears.  Each exquisite in their imagery; one by showing with sound and one by showing with language, each building up a story that has me nervous, edgy, making faces of disgust or worried anticipation in the setting. 

Suttree’s river is a mire of words that sucks you into it’s gloomy scum until you gasp for air.  Silent Hill is visual–an advantage one would think as one less thing to imagine, one less thing to rake the brain for experience to assist.  And yet, in Silent Hill the sounds are what you’re looking for, what’s missing on the screen.  The tragedies of human life and what we’re driven to seek out within the narratives of someone else’s fantasy that oddly suits our own. 

It’s going to be a grueling night, I think.

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2 Responses to NEW MEDIA & LITERATURE: Visuals & Texts

  1. steve says:

    Yes, yes. I hadn’t thought of his connection.

    “Are there monsters in me”

  2. susan says:

    I’m looking forward to reaching that quote in Suttree. The book is going well; the game is paused while I summon the courage to face the thing that has suprised me on a sidestreet.

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