WRITING: Reorganizing Words

Poetry is not my forte, but thought this was useful as an exercise in rearranging words of a post below into free form poetry:

Winter Wind

The wind is in a jealous roar tonight,
blue fingers scraping at the earth
to find a grip, a place to settle in.
Raising swipes of cold, crisp snowflakes
from their layered sleep,
to fling them up in flurries.
They shiver and dance
in rhythm with his howling moan.

Despising trees that stand anchored
in a land he only kisses with his breath.
Even as they reach out
in hope he desperately catches,
clings to in an attempt
to keep from blowing further away,
their brittle branches break within his grasp.

Remembering a warmer time and place,
and a small boy inviting him to play
at tug o’war
with a bright red longtailed diamond
that rode the sky.
Or making women smile along the ocean’s edge,
cool fingered breezes
on soft skin browning in the sun.

All he wants is home, like earth and fire,
but he is bound to travel
like a gypsy juggler round the world.
With all he owns and
tossing in endless spirals
what he has picked up along the way,
he travels round again
and round again.

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  1. susan says:

    Thanks! I’m glad you do and really appreciate your leaving a comment to tell me so.

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