BLOGGING: Blogbinders

Blogbinders is a web service I heard about through Katey at One Good Bumblebee and I decided to try it for a quick bound journal of the entries I’ve made on New Media.  While I don’t think it’s going to work out for this particular project, I believe it’s something you may want to check out for yourselves if you’ve ever had the urge to see your words in a book format, or if you, like me, want to have a record or backup without overloading your hard drive  (or like the real reason–you still don’t trust technology not to poof your words into outer space, lost forever.)

The main reason why the Blogbinders service may not work for this project is that for one thing, it downloads the entire content of your (for example) Typepad account.  I have four active weblogs, so it wouldn’t separate them out except by posting date.  This, combined with the inability to focus in on my so anally organized categories, would mean that while I can, I may not be up to sorting through the 1400+ entries in Spinning alone to select those that are categorized for New Media.  It also strips out html and photos, so that meant that I went back and added in important URL addresses to provide a manner of linking because links, of course, wouldn’t show up.

But this entry is not by any means a pan for Blogbinders…in fact, I’m still very much interested in what they offer, and they are most helpful in solving problems and looking ahead to the future by overcoming some of the current restrictions. 

In the meantime, I shall be sitting by the front window anxiously awaiting the delivery this week of a duplexer accessory for my printer to allow for two-sided printing, and a binding machine.

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