Via Brandywine Books, John of Rabe Ramblings on blogging:

Everywhere I turn on the Internet, more and more blogs are filled with more and more angst-filled posts about how blogging relates to the rest of some blogger’s daily life, whether or not they should continue, the existential import of all of it, blogging goals for the future, why someone is not going to be able to post anything for the next 4 1/2 hours, who’s ranked where in the blog "ecosystem," and the future posts someone is planning deep within the recesses of his/her mind for which we are presumably to wait by the computer with anxious anticipation until this veritable cybergold flows from brain to keyboard to internet ether.

I think this is what makes me wonder.  It’s not a unique opinion, it’s something that’s been tossed out there and yes, we worry we’re boring and nobody reads us, and why bother when in truth, while we claim to be ourselves or spout our semi-intellectual opinions, there are only a couple people in the millions out there who really give a rat’s ass what we say. 

When we put it out there that we’re going to quit, we’re asking that you beg us to stay put.    I don’t worry much if no one reads me, I’m hurt though when they read and quickly sneak away without a sign.  I think the few who were such wonderful writers, so giving of themselves and entertaining, who since have stopped the habit were those who went in style and grace.  No whining, just a well-thought out and firm goodbye.

I don’t know.  I don’t know.

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  1. ntexas99 says:

    you too?

    I just paid for another year of hosting, and another year of domain service, and I’ve never been closer to pulling my blog.

    But I’ve insistently stayed silent, not wanting to beg for votes of confidence.

    You ARE right … there are only a couple. But my guess is that sometimes just a couple are truly enough. In fact, sometimes just one comment can make the difference.

    knowing that you are heard

    that’s what it’s about

    so, I hear you

    don’t go

  2. Stay the course.
    Write like there is no tomorrow.
    Fill the empty void with emotions.
    Let your passion run free, and you will be the better for it.

    About 50,000 words or so, you will find your stride and begin to pick up speed. If you pick at every sentence, you are wearing your editor’s hat.

    No editor has ever written anything worth remembering, but it was perfectly written and contained all the right words.

    Try to create an emotional response in others and you will be as close as you are going to get to being inside their heads. That action alone guarantees that you are aware of your audience and that you actually care for them. You will be surprised how that will increase your responses.

    One more thing, be interested in people and don’t crave their admiration. You will get it naturally.

    Keep on blogging. Your site is a pleasure to visit.

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