NEW MEDIA: Physical Interaction

Besides the use of a mouse or keyboard versus flipping pages in a book, and relevant to Silent Hill 2, I’ve adjusted to learning different finger maneuvers (not just the usual ones I use when I’m upset).  I can make James walk like a normal human being by keeping three fingers on the keys and automatically making him smoothly navigate corners and change directions.  He very rarely moonwalks any more, or goes the wrong way (except that he is being manipulated by a directionally dysfunctional human being) unless we both get too excited when we’re threatened and start moving in jerky circles and end up with our back to the enemy, then squat instead of run. 

And speaking of physicality, I did try to keep in mind James’ physical needs and had him poised at the potty once, actually thinking something was in the bowl because of the camera angle change which is usually a tip-off that something is there to be examined.  Pressing the action bar a couple times, I was rewarded with this that just cracked me up:  "There is nothing that needs to be done here."

Gee, I’m learning so much from this video game excursion.

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