REALITY: History

What a day; lapwarmer (Del), reading material (Suttree, Macromedia Studio Training, Glimmertrain), pesto/garlic wraps ready to be stuffed for lunch, didn’t have to make the trip to my dad’s house, a computer to fix, bills paid, grocery shopping done, and a program on Bluebeard and Captain Kidd on the Discovery channel.

Pirates are the next best thing to Indians in my mind.  I realize that while history is not my favorite subject, there are civilizations and peoples that I love learning about, affiliating myself with, although my geneology has unfortunately no connection.  It’s the spirit, the freedom, the touch of infamy that appeals and attracts me. 

Ooh, just learned that Captain Kidd was Scottish–my husband is a quarter Scottish, although he claims it as his nationality, disregarding the other 75% of his bloodline for some reason.  I knew there was something I liked about him.

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