NEW MEDIA: Getting Involved

I have worked and reworked a poem with the specific intent of making it suitable for audio and graphic integration.  It is at a stage where I believe it is ready for the next steps, although I fully expect that it can still be edited more for its own narrative and eloquence, but am leaving that open because I am not sure how working in graphics–still or animation, and use of audio will affect it.  Not only that, I don’t yet know how to use the software necessary!

Sometimes, when you are working with an unknown (to you, anyway) format that requires technical know-how, it can set up a wall between you and your ultimate goal.  These hurdles grow in your mind to become almost insurmountable and prohibit the progression of a process that should easily be faced in step by step methods. 

I think that what I have been putting off is taking that next step–which is setting up the narrative form in first a flowchart, then a storyboard format to keep it organized and display the obvious inputs of the mixed media.  This I know how to do–it’s what we learned in the New Media course.

But if I do that, then I’m faced with the more difficult but logical step of learning the techniques of combining the various layers, and playing (as in learning) the software mediums.

I need to shove myself through this doorway, instead of sitting here crying about it.

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