NEW MEDIA: Playing with Flash

Nice post at The Great Lettuce Head on "Image captions in Flash."  This is something I want to get into after the spring semester, and what I’ve set up the software already to do.  It starts by playing, digging deeper into the layers by asking questions of how, why and what if.

I do not have children, nor am I a teacher of children, but the implications of the questions raised in teaching methods lead me to play devil’s advocate here, just to throw in another question regarding the learning process and how interactive media can be a boon to teaching.

The game played obviously was no fun.  But perhaps its purpose was geared more towards learning the rules before you can break them.  I’m all for thinking outside of the box.  But, need we not learn iambic, anapestic, trochaic, enjambment, etc. before we know we can effectively throw them all to hell and go free versing it?

All I think I’m saying is that even as we step boldly into discovering and implementing all the wonderful and probably more effective methods of learning that the world of new media offers, consideration of how the basics are built upon must be given. 

Here is the line; here’s how we can cross it.

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    I owe you lots of pebbles.



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