WRITING: When You Have To

As in an essay on Candide.  Yes, I did enjoy it, and yes, it has stimulated thinking on society and I may have much to say.  But it must be in the dry form of analytical essay.  Comparing what Voltaire has cleverly hidden in his story to the trials and triumphs of the time. 

I find myself wandering back every little while to my "CREATIVE WRITING" folder, clicking on a story and adding something to whichever ongoing tale I have selected.  Sometimes only reading it again and clicking out again.  Visiting and reshaping otto, the literary journal of our writing group.  Adjusting lines and pages, margins, settings, font; it must be perfect, this new brainchild.  These are places where I want to be, the files of creativity, not bogged down in Chicago Manual Style footnotes.

But I have to write these things as well.  And write them as well as I can.

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