REALITY: Spring Fever

Am slogging my way through a paper on "Goodbye To All That" without having finished the book.  Figured that if I didn’t at least start on it while I had some answers (and that all-important opening line! — yes, even for essays, that’s my starting point) then I would most likely be doing this one day before the deadline.  I get real cranky when I’m under pressure, or rather under pressure of something I hate doing.  Under welcome or exciting pressure, I hit stride and am actually at my best.  Am still tempted to blow off the final exam and settle for a B on this course rather than dent the walls any more from flying objects.

I think I need ice cream though to go on.  Someone mentioned it in a post the other day and while my stomach couldn’t handle digesting anything at all then, the image has resurfaced and is blocking my view of the screen anyway.  Maybe there’s some maple walnut in the downstairs freezer.  Friendly’s Forbidden Chocolate would work better, but I’m pretty sure I don’t have any.  Maybe I need some cream cheese-filled chocolate cupcakes too.  I’m sure my sugar level is much too low after a few days of chicken soup.

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