REALITY: The Gimmick

Am admittedly not as up on technology as I once was when building computers, but I don’t think there is–and if not, there should be–a cooling system for laps when using laptops. 

What was cozily acceptable in winter, I can see now will be an extreme annoyance in summer, despite air conditioning.  The laptop gets hot.  I imagine a gel cushion of some sort that conforms to the shape of the upper thighs while providing a level platform for the computer.  The cooling system may be one that draws the heat away from the computer while protecting the lap and of course, would not damage the laptop components and perhaps be useful to it as a cooling agent to it as well.  I’m thinking along the lines of those freezer-packs for instant relief of injuries…

Someone could make a fortune here.

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  1. Loretta says:

    Susan, I use a breakfast tray as a lap desk just for that reason. OUch! It gets really hot.

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