LITERATURE: Contemporary Fiction

On the Reading Experience, which is always interesting but way beyond me, an analysis of the "Psychological Realism" of contemporary fiction and the techniques of building and revealing both the characters and the world around them.  I don’t know if authors consciously keep all these things in mind when writing, or if it’s just a skill picked up by reading those more skilled.  I’m learning that literature, as art and any expression of a culture, is trendy–but is it pioneering artists or the critics who decide what’s currently "in". 
It drives me nuts and makes me want to snap pencils in half.  I’ve gotten out of Poe-like into the 1950’s maybe in my writing.  Will I ever catch up to current before I die?
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  1. Kelley Bell says:

    my current mantra is:

    “Write without hope or fear.”

    In other words, F*$@% the trends!

    Carpe Diem.

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