WRITING: Metaphors & Simile

Someone just wandered onto the site and made a nice comment about painting pictures with words.  It dawned on me (metaphor right there, although on the verge of being cliche) that it is also very much like double exposing a photograph (simile here). 

We see something, say, a puffy cumulus cloud.  It reminds us of something that’s instantly pulled from our image files in memory–a cotton ball.  Thus, it becomes a giant cotton ball in the blue, blue sky.  I watch and learn much from nature; the backyard has provided me with a wealth of metaphor.  Can’t think of one g.d. example right now, since I’m locked in my barn and supposedly working.

But the idea of this post is putting one and one together and coming up with something new, an amalgamate made up of images that more clearly depict what one sees, hears, feels.

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3 Responses to WRITING: Metaphors & Simile

  1. Lauren says:

    why dont you have any metaphors or similies up?

  2. brooke says:

    i was hoping to find some similies or metaphors from the book on here! =(

  3. susan says:

    Lauren, there are some here–I’m not an instructor.

    Brooke–Which book? This is a generalized post on the elements of writing.

    I suspect some spam here.

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