Just a quirk that I spotted him, sitting on a post in the neighbor’s field.  Motionless for a mini second, then gliding away.  This, minutes after thinking hyperfiction and the hows of it in non-traditional form.  Funny, this non-traditional format becomes traditional in its own element of the computer; changes into non-traditional when implemented as a tool in the traditional form of a book. 

New things can teach how to manipulate the old.  Plots planned, choosing a certain set and forcing the discarding of the rest, need not be done in hyper- and interactive fiction.  We need to plan them all out to their end, braiding as we go. 

Back inside at the computer, looking up and away to sort the thoughts; I spot another hawk, pure white, made by Hummel-Goebel, bought decades ago for just this moment in time.

I take my lead from nature.  The answers are all there.  The trick, to understand them.

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