REALITY: Early Morning Wraps

My robe against the damp cool morning.  Oatmeal bread around butter.  A shower around my naked body, a towel, then jeans and shirt.  Studying until I click on "Start."  Framing until it is picked up.  Grocery shopping for the week for him who will hopefully miss me.

Packing books and pencils, cash for coffee.  Tomorrow, I am off for long days and late nights.  Wishing Dell weren’t overweight, wishing I could take him with me.  My writing buddy, plugged into walls and me for six months and wondering why I wouldn’t bring him to the writers conference.  He’s just too heavy to lug along twelve hours straight. 

Anticipation, excitement building, but first the wrapping up of the non-writing part of life.

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  1. Loretta says:

    I hope you have a marvelous time. Sounds like a wonderful week in June. Next year, maybe I’ll join you!

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