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Reporting live from the Wesleyan campus, that I’m more together with the flow of things today.  Had an excellent class with published author and faculty member Roxana Robinson, and am headed shortly into Josip Novakavich’s class for more on fiction technique.  In Prof. Robinson’s, we discussed an assigned short story to read and I learned much more to look for in creating sympathetic characters via setting and action.  We also workshopped student pieces on getting information into dialogue–strict dialogue, and what was said revealed much more than the topic of conversation.  We looked for enough information given, gender, conflict, and voice in particular, and via several examples, were directed in establishing these tidbits within a normal, credible diaglogue.

Good stuff. 

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  1. That sounds terrific. I wonder if Annie Dillard still teaches there. I’ve read that she did at one time. She’s one of my favorite writing teachers and inspirations, via her books.

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