REALITY: No, really.

Friend Neha just left after a short visit, but she managed to hear the static-y lectures, AND read for herself the ending to one of the Glimmertrain stories that bugged me. 

So, back on my high horse again, vindication mine, I can move on to other things like catching up on her life and simply enjoying her company.  We only have Neha for the summer and the brief semester breaks from her studies at Seton Hill, so it was great to spend a couple hours at least, though they flew by like a shed peacock feather lost from a majestically strutting male.  (!)

It will be good to get together with her next week and also have her present at the writers group meeting.  And, she’s starting Suttree soon, so that’ll be good for some literary talk as well.  Summer’s short; gotta pack it in.

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