TECHNOLOGY: Annoyances

I have always been a huge fan of instant gratifcation.  Santa Claus and Christmas, with their weeks of anticipation have driven me to the point of ambivalence in my later years; to become a snoop as a child.

Firing up a newly built computer system and seeing the Welcome to Windows screen is joyful to me.  There  are always little glitches along the way, and I do love being focused on problem-solving.  But when the same three glitches show up that I remember from the last computers I built a couple years ago, and don’t remember what I did to fix them, I can really get aggravated and unhappy.

It’s against my nature (and good judgement) to leave a trail behind or diarize my journey because I get so involved and single-minded to dig deeper until the problem is solved.  I’m sure that I broke down and somewhere wrote the step-by-step solution.  But where? 

The hardware problems on one computer are the drivers for the: ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ Steering, PCI Universal Serial Bus, and the PCI Multimedia Audio Device.  These are familiar and annoying.  All I need to do, I believe, is download the latest drivers from the motherboard manufacturer.  I hope.  Problem is, this computer is for the six-year-old, and I can’t set it up with internet service and download directly into the computer, but must use another one and transfer.

The bigger problem–although it is a new one–is on the computer I’m building for myself.  The good part is that it is the exact same m/b etc. as the other, so I can check things along the way.  The problem is that it keeps erasing the BIOS and won’t boot unless I reset, and it’s not accepting my configuration of the hard drive.  I suspect a bad motherboard.  But this is a more fun project, but one that can keep me busy for days.  Unless I break down and call Jules, my computer guru.

In the meantime, this week is flying by with little else accomplished.

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