Fixed the CMOS/BIOS problem on my computer.  Oddly enough, the info was wrong for the setting on the CPU, but by removing a jumper connection on the motherboard and resetting it after five seconds with the computer off, it goes back to default and I was able to get into the CMOS info and look everything over to compare it to the other computer and found the setting at 200MHz instead of 133MHz.  Factory  problem, I take it.  Or someone’s idea of a joke.

So it’s up to the point of all hardware in place, and the hard drive fdisked and currently being formatted.  On this pc, I’m waiting delivery of WIN XP full version and will put that in direct, rather than start with 95 to 98, etc.  I think this should go a lot easier with less hardware conflicts, etc.  That is, unless the motherboard drivers on this CD are as outdated as the other one.

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