EDUCATION: Nutrition

No, I don’t have to retake it; passed it with flying colors.  But as with some learning, it sticks with you and this course in particular seems to haunt me with guilt.

To make up for yesterday’s total intake of two slices of raisin bread with butter and a half bag of leftover popcorn, my lunch today was selected from the dairy section of the Great Food Pyramid where I was taught to worship and evidently, I selected three servings from it.

C’mon; does anyone truly agree that one-half cup of chocolate ice cream constitutes a serving?  Maybe for a three-year-old.  Or after a full-course dinner from appetizers and a main dish of prime rib. 

So now I know how to read the label, and the news is that I just consumed 69% of my daily value of saturated fat, and 25% of my alloted 2000 calories–not too bad here since I can scarf up the other 1500 at dinnertime.

One of my biggest arguments in the Nutrition course was the serving sizes.  It was me against 35 students and the professor (who probably counts as 5 rather than just a mere person) saying that serving sizes are ridiculously small while they all argued that it was too much.  Come on, get real; a half-cup of chocolate ice cream?  In my family, leaving that much in the freezer would be as serious a crime as leaving a tablespoon of milk in the carton.

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