So okay, now I’ve figured out the video device drivers and have reinstalled WIN XP and even Office 2000 and so far everything’s working fine.  I don’t know if it’s something new with Win XP, and if it is, it’s well worth it for that fact alone, but I did not need to go back to my old Office 4.0 version on the twenty five floppies to install the upgrade of 2000 on the new pc.  All I had to do was place the first floppy disk in the drive, direct the new installation to view it (without starting setup of the old program), and everything went ahead beautifully. 

Software’s come a long way and it used to be the hard part of building a pc.  It is now a lot less painful to build your own computer from scratch and have it up and running without being too technology-minded a person.  I do love problem solving, but honest, there will always be something that has to be figured out and so the fun isn’t entirely left out of the process.

The biggest problem lies ahead:  Retrieving information and files from the old computer with a very sick hard drive.

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