BLOGGING: Another Perspective

Well, it was a very, very quiet day in the blogworld and I sure felt it’s been a trend, but from if:book, a link to an article that says different.  I think the info blogs, those covering current events and politics for example, or innovations in technology, science or economics are just hitting their stride, and the personal blogs that are exceptionally well written or particularly funny are growing, but I still see enthusiasm waning a bit in dedication to posting and content.  The same thing applies to reading, as we may grow tired of reading the same old, same old.

Or, it could be just my own input and output.

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2 Responses to BLOGGING: Another Perspective

  1. Mark says:

    As Austen would say, “this is a truth universally acknowledged.”

    Think of it as a blank postcard or exercise sheet. Blog half-lives are notoriously short with the exceptions you mentioned, either close conclaves not too large, or vast appetites seeking mass appeal by Darwinian word of mouth (or click). The counter-balance of effort for satisfaction differs with everyone and for each over time. Is it worth it? Sometimes not. After novelty wears off, those who continue find their own reasons or adjust effort and expectations as whim dictates.

    You’re an insightful, expressive writer with keen analytical bent and bursts of the poetic. IMHO, you should treat this medium as a personal scratchpad, a compilation of reference material folks might be happy to stumble over.

    If nothing else, it is still relatively new and tantalizingly public in potential if not fact, something never before available. At least you’re consistent in genre. I tend to wander all over the place. 😉

  2. susan says:

    But your humanness shines through, Mark. I sometimes wonder if I am alien in spirit or merely drama queen. I suppose that writing for a handful is better than writing only for self, or not writing at all. I also think that when it becomes too consuming in relation to other worldly matters, it is sacrificed. I, however, tend to sacrifice that which goes on around me instead.

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