LITERATURE: And Blogging Links

Well you find some interesting sites by occasionally checking your stats, and to my surprise and delight I not only found myself quoted on MetaxuCafe (look in the center column under Litblog Highlights–though I don’t know how long it will stay up) but I discovered a great site for writers and readers. 

I think that it is time to update my linklist, and will be doing so along with a new design for Spinning at the end of the year.  Since I read you all via Bloglines, I haven’t paid the necessary attention to the links on this site and will need to spend some time dropping the dead ones, adding a ton of excellent new ones I’ve discovered and haven’t had the chance to update here. 

I’m also very glad that this particular posting on Miles Harvey’s short story in Ploughshares was the one they selected to highlight.  It adds that much more to my own appreciation of his work if others seek it out.

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  1. Actually, Spinning appears several times, each time on a different page, if one follows the bread-crumb page turner at the bottom.

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