REALITY: Time Warps

Wish that we could as we can with our weblogs wipe out the past with a press of a button.  Last post deleted when saneness returns and I grow and I grow up to be what’s known as mature though my tantrum was that or go stark raving mad.

Wouldn’t you guess that most likely all few of my readers logged on in the lousy hour and a half that I let myself go?  Now I sit here quite primly skirt pulled over my knees, legs crossed at the ankles and serene mature smile on my unworried face.

And perhaps for a few…no one will know.

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4 Responses to REALITY: Time Warps

  1. susan says:

    Thanks, I kind of needed them as I quickly went ballistic from the day’s mail and a phone call then went straight to the computer instead of the liquor cabinet as I probably should have done. But I talked myself down sans booze or pills and deleted my scream in the great silent void of the web.

  2. Sallie says:

    More and More {{{HUGs}}}
    Don’t ya wish there was cyber-feel?

  3. susan says:

    Sallie, did you really think I can’t feel it? Hugs back.

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