WRITING: Making a Long Story Short

You write down your story, or someone’s story, and before you know it, you have close to two thousand words.  then you stop and take a long hard look at it, and you’re back down to nine hundred.  Then little by little it grows again, building layers to become a tightly wound ball of bud that you hope will be picked and opened by a reader and viewed as something of beauty.  Beauty of story, or of storyteller’s technique.  Something that will please the picker.

I have little problem driving, but I have a lot of problems reading the road signs.  I get lost easy, and if I make a wrong turn, follow it out for miles before I realize it.    How do you find your way back, lose your fear of making the wrong turn again, take those side roads but get back on course after exploring a bit? 

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  1. Mark says:

    1. Recognizing you’re lost is the first step
    2. Finding the way back is easy due to breadcrumbs

    The worst part is accepting how far back you must sometimes trudge.

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