REALITY?: Employment Today

I don’t believe this; I can’t get a job and this is what a local tv news site presents:

NEW BRITAIN — Police now say they know who was behind a hit and run that left a police officer in the hospital.

Police say the suspect turned himself in Thursday.

They say they did get a confession from him.

The accicent happened yesterday around 3 pm officerRobert Wytas was on traffic duty at Broad and Burritt streets when he stopped a car with a loud muffler that had driven by a number of times.

Police say Wytas noticed wire hanging out of dash they thought car was stolen and asked driver to get out. 

Apparently the man sped off and panicked because the car was unregistered and uninsured

The man floored it and hit Hit Wytas and sending him to hospital.

Police worked the case well into night. Officer Wytas was able to catch the first three letters on license plate.

The big break came today, when police found and seized the car, a 1990 honda Accord.

Police say they then tracked down driver who came into station and confessed.

Police have not arrested the suspect yet. They say they are waiting on a warrant and they expect to serve that on friday.

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